For over 160 years we have been able to combine international trends with the tradition of individual brands, creating a unique offer that can meet the most sophisticated needs.

Our uniqueness is represented by the use of some shuttle looms dating back to the early 1900s for ties. It is thanks to these frames that we can produce a fabric for ties as particular as refined: gauze (in silk, cotton, linen, wool and cashmere).

In addition to gauze, since 1856 Fermo Fossati has been able to develop over time exclusive and inimitable products such as Mogador, Super Repp, Double Chain, Saglia Genova, Mogabrail © and Irish Brial ©.

The continuous search for precious raw materials, the attention to environmental sustainability combined with the search for new dyeing, weaving and finishing techniques, are the fundamental elements of the success of the Fermo Fossati collections, starting from the processing and composition of the silk yarns, from one with sixteen objects, which are twisted directly on the farm.