The historic silk weaving Carlo Riva produces shirting fabrics through the use of shuttle looms (dating back to the year 1940), now completely disappeared, but the only ones still able to create fabric cuts in 90 cm in height with selvedge, sometimes named. This processing method allows to reduce the tension of the yarn compared to modern looms.

The final treatment of the fabric is also fundamental, which is left to rest at a constant temperature and humidity (climate room) in order to replicate the microclimate of the Nile river region in Egypt called JIZA 45 from which the cotton used by Carlo Riva comes.

All this to make Carlo Riva fabrics unique in terms of comfort, evoking the softness of cashmere and the most precious silk.

Today Carlo Riva has added new production techniques to the artisan tradition. Technologically more advanced looms have been added to the traditional shuttle looms in height 90 cm, more suitable for tailored shirt makers.

The fabrics produced have always had many fine titles, with raw materials from Egypt and twisted in Switzerland. These yarns are then processed within the company according to methods that allow to maximize the unique characteristics of Carlo Riva fabrics.

Without any doubt it can be said that Carlo Riva fabrics represent the excellence and top of the range of shirts.

Carlo Riva offers his customers collections ranging from contemporary taste to the most classic and tailored. Fabrics that represent a “legend” and a “beacon” in the history of shirt fabrics.

In addition to the Carlo Riva collection, Fermo Fossati offers a collection of printed fabrics for shirts.