We all know, that the tie is one of the most important men’s (sometimes female) clothing accessories. Its history and origin can be traced back to the Roman world, where the legionaries used to carry around their necks, a strip of cloth, to be used as protection, for the mouth and throat, during long marches following the chariots and the cavalry. In fact, since there were no asphalted roads, the carts and horses produced a lot of dust and probably served to protect themselves from this.

Over the centuries, this strip has grown thinner. Croatian soldiers used it by putting it around their neck and knotting it making the longest part fall off. During the 30 years war (1618 1648) these troops in the service of the French army as mercenaries, made this garment known to the French, who immediately appropriated it and began to spread it throughout their nation. First as a garment of military clothing, but then mainly as a bourgeois garment by Croatian troops the name adapted from the French as cravate.