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Our uniqueness is represented by the use of some shuttle looms dating back to the early 1900s for ties. It is thanks to these frames that we can produce a fabric for ties as particular as refined: gauze (in silk, cotton, linen, wool and cashmere).

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All this to make Carlo Riva fabrics unique in terms of comfort, evoking the softness of cashmere and the most precious silk.

The Weaving

Fermo Fossati 1871 is the oldest silk manufacturing in Italy, third in Europe by birth, preceded only by the English Vanners and Stephen Walters & Sons Ltd. Born in 1856 in Binago (VA), Fermo Fossati (at the time Ambrogio Fossati company ) is the first weaving for ties made in Italy


Carlo Riva mostly produces sophisticated shirting fabrics, which – because of their quality and distinctiveness – also lend themselves to the manufacturing of top-range garments for the prêt-à-porter industry, for both men and women, such as jackets, trousers, pyjamas and shirt-dresses.




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We all know, that the tie is one of the most important men’s (sometimes female) clothing accessories. Its history and origin can be traced back to the Roman world, where the legionaries used to carry around their necks, a strip of cloth, to be used as protection, for the mouth and throat, during long marches […]